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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2


Awarded: NOK 5.1 mill.

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2013 - 2018

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The OPLOG-project focus has been on operational logistics challenges related to offshore drilling and rig supplies in an Arctic operational context. We have completed comparative studies between oil and gas exploration fields in Norway, Russia and Greenland. At the organizational side we have focused on innovation areas and cooperative relations in developing new vessel types and logistics concepts. We have look at the demand for increased functionality in field operations and the interplay between field and emergency preparedness logistics. We elaborate on the need for tailor-made vessels with High-Arctic functionalities, versus costs, including operating and investment costs. Quality dimensions and indicators have been developed in the project. Data has been collected from West-Greenland, the Barents Sea, and the Kara Sea. Lack of transport infrastructure, fog, icing, polar lows and in some areas ice and ice bergs create extra demands for offshore service capacities compared with more southern regions like the North Sea. It also demands a closer interplay between the oil & gas field operator, the supply and emergency preparedness base, the ship owner and naval designers in the development process towards vessels adapted to the High North context. Four Norwegian and two foreign universities have participated in the Project. Five industry partners have contributed with data and financial support. The project has been led by the Business School, Nord university Bodo, Norway.

Oplog-prosjektet har bidratt til å styrke den faglige forståelsesrammen knyttet til utfordringer og krav når det gjelder offshore felt- og beredskapslogistikk innenfor olje- og gassnæringen i arktiske områder. Prosjektet har styrket relasjonene mellom akademia og næringsliv, og bidratt til økt kunnskap om innovasjonssamspillet mellom de ulike ledd i den maritime verdikjeden. Prosjektet har bidratt til økt vitenskapelig innsikt og styrket internasjonalt forskersamarbeid når det gjelder på operasjonell logistikkstyring, verdikjedekonfigurering og åpne bedriftsmodeller for mer radikale innovasjonsprosesser.

This project emphasizes the operational logistics challenges of oil and gas activity in Arctic waters. We contribute to the development of value chain-integrated business process management models that may increase logistics quality, efficiency and safety in high turbulent maritime contexts. The partners within this project will through collection of data, prototyping and active experimentation develop state of the art knowledge on risk and business process management systems matching operational logistic s challenges and vessel technology demands in three different geographic settings (The North Sea, The Barents Sea (Low Arctic) and ice covered waters (High Arctic). The focus will be on three categories of offshore service vessels: supply (PSV), achor-ha ndling (AHTS) and stand by (ERRV) providing logistics, towing, ice management and SAR duties for oil and gas exploration expeditions. Our scientific ambition is to contribute to knowledge that may reduce risk and to increase the competitive advantage of the ship owners following innovative strategies in new challenging market arenas. Data is collected through a broad range of sources including interviews throughout the value chain, and participant observation studies within the chosen operational settin gs.

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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2