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Earth Surface sediment Laboratory

Awarded: NOK 15.8 mill.

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2014 - 2020


The Department of Earth Science (GEO) at the University of Bergen has made several unique contributions to the international scientific community of the magnitude and rates of natural climate variability (palaeoclimate) and to many basic research questions in geology over the last decades. The Sediment Laboratory (SLB) at GEO has been a corner stone for basic and applied research under the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research during the last decade. This application is for new infrastructure (CT-scanner, Hyperspectral-scanner, Mastersizer, Morphometer, FlowCam, Coulometer, CoreWall and LIDAR-scanner, technical personnel and one PhD grant) that will enable a new strategic unit called Earth Surface Sedimentary Laboratory (EARTHLAB) providing the tools for solving new and important problems in the study of earth surface processes and climate-change driven processes. The existing SLB at GEO is equipped for doing basic analyses of sediment properties in both marine and terrestrial sediment archives and has been upgraded with some new and important instruments over the last decade such as ITRAX XRF, Sedigraph, Coultercounter and GEOTEK core logger. In addition there is excellent facilities at the Paleomagnetic Laboratory at GEO for doing a wide range of measurements of magnetic properties in soft sediments. The missing link in the chain of analyses on sedimentary archives and what is urgently needed is the upgrading of the facilities in Bergen and Norway for high resolution analyses of the physical and specific chemical properties and composition of sedimentary sequences. The establishment of EARTHLAB with its new instruments including the existing SLB at GEO would result in facilities in an outstanding, earth surface sediment laboratory from international standards. The infrastructure will form a very strong national and international facility and will enhance the high national and international standing of palaeoclimatology and studies of earth surface processes.

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt