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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

Arctic Frontiers Emerging leaders 2013

Awarded: NOK 27,000

My main work is on the interaction of institutions and natural resources, especially the role of informal institutions, such as social norms, cultural values and identity considerations, and how these interact with formal institutions, such as governmenta l policy. I am closely involved in the project 'Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Institutions in Fisheries' funded by the RCN under the program NORKLIMA that aims to understand how climate change may affect the performance and regulations of the Bar ents Sea fisheries with corresponding repercussions on the coastal communities. Therefore, my current research fits perfectly into the thematic area of Arctic Frontiers, the 'Geopolitics & Marine Production in a changing Arctic'. I would be excited to pa rticipate in this program, because it gives me the opportunity to experience the Arctic in a unique way. Engaging in discussions with stakeholders and partners from the industry will give me the opportunity to think outside the box, and look through a dif ferent lens at the problems we are facing, while at the same time discussing the role of science with people who come from outside the scientific 'Ivory tower'. The challenges we are currently facing in the Arctic regions are serious, but each challenge also creates room for opportunities. Clearly, there is a strong need to use insights and knowledge from many disciplines, and find a way to embrace diversity of stakeholders, rather than seeing it as a potential problem. For the program, I could contribu te my expertise on the role of cooperation in solving conflicts among resource users. This is especially important for the Arctic regions, where we need to understand better how cooperation can be achieved - and more important understand how a cooperative solution may look like.

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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid