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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

Participating Arctic Frontiers: Emerging leaders 2013

Awarded: NOK 26,999

Bridging gap between academia and corporative sector is a challenging, but crucial task. In my work, I study the interface between ecology, evolution and economics, and along three main avenues: (i) The interplay between ecology and evolution, that is, ec o-evolutionary dynamics (ii) Bio-economics and how to manage common pool resources, specifically the commercially fish stocks in the Barents Sea, and (iii) biological and social complexity, and how to derive optimal management plans, depending on the give n objectives. My research findings emphasize that uncertainty and the biological complexity of the resource system may result in unintended consequences, including unanticipated costs. This demonstrates that for each resource system, the informational co nstraints have to be considered. Hence, interdisciplinary research is mandatory in order to reach adequate management decisions for social-ecological systems. It is with large enthusiasm I believe that the conference 'Geopolitics and Marine Production in a Changing Arctic' is highly relevant to my work. But foremost, participating the Emerging Leaders program will not only be an important contribution to my research projects with new knowledge on stakeholder participation, industry and politics, but also facilitate and induce further research questions with new collaborations. I will apply for an ERC starting grant by the next call, and I hope that another result of Emerging Leaders can give me new knowledge and collaborations that may be incorporated in to that application.

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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid