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Discursive meaning of higher education in Europe - Finalizing the PhD research at the University of Oslo - Klemen Miklavic - Slovenia

Awarded: NOK 42,000

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2013 - 2013


The project consists of several activities linked to the finalization of PhD research work.The research visit to the University of Oslo(UiO) is of high importance because the co-supervisor of PhD is based there. It will make possible an in-person supervis ion of the empirical and conclusive parts of the PhD monograph. The project ACTIVITIES: A1:Analyzing the previously collected empirical data on EU institutions and writing a chapter of the PhD monograph (leading to O1) A2:Analyzing the collected materia l from the Western Balkans and writing a Chapter of the PhD monograph(leading to O2). A3:Presentation of the results of the empirical research to the peers at the Department of Educational Research (Faculty of Educational Sciences)(leading to O1&O2) A4 :Developing the overall conclusions of the PhD monograph(leading to O3). A5:Presenting and exposing the PhD to the critique of the peers and teaching staff at the Department of Educational Research (leading to O3). A6:Writing an article (deriving from t he PhD monograph) to be submitted to a scientific journal (leading to O4). The tangible project OUTCOMES: O1:Paragraph of the PhD monograph on the discourses and ideas on higher education in the EU institutions O2:Paragraph of the PhD monograph on the di scursive meaning of higher education in the Western Balkans O3:Conclusions of the PhD monograph O4:An article based on part of the PhD findings for publishing in a scientific journal Advantage of carrying out the project at the UiO: 1.Daily possibility t o consult with the official supervisor of the PhD study in person 2.Access to outstanding research facilities, especially the reach library and access to relevant journals 3.A critical mass of PhD researchers from the same field (Research on Higher educat ion) which permits daily discussions, presenting the findings, consultation on literature and exposure to critique 4.Access to prominent scholars from the field of research on Higher Educati

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