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POLRES-Polarforskning POLRES

Arctic Sea Ice and HAlogen Deposition: investigation for a new paleoclimatic tool, RiS ID 6185

Awarded: NOK 47,999

The project proposes to investigate the halogens into aerosol, seasonal snow and firn layers in order to better understand how the sea-ice area around Svalbard influences the bromine enrichment and iodine depositions. Moreover, the effect of post-depositi onal processes that can affect the halogens distribution into the seasonal snowpack and aged firn layers should be deeply investigated. The final goal of this reserch is to verify the sensitivity of Bromine and Iodine (species) as proxies of sea-ice exten sion and its applicability in the ice core science. This would lead to a very significant improvement of our knowledge about sea-ice variations during the last climate cycles. In this project we plan to collect aerosol samples all year around using a mult i-stage high-volume sampler as well as to drill shallow firn cores from the Northern part of Spitsbergen. Seasonal snow sampling is also foreseen.

Funding scheme:

POLRES-Polarforskning POLRES