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Determination of reflected properties from snow surfaces in Svalbard RiS ID 6160

Awarded: NOK 29,272

Albedo changes of the snow occur long before snow melts away completely. This can lead to a change in the radiation budget and therefore affects the radiative forcing in the vicinity of the station. Another effect that will be investigated is the influenc e of varying cloud cover to the amount of global irradiance reaching the snow surface. Therefore, a measurement campaign in the vicinity of the Station AWIEV Base in Ny Ålesund will be performed. Measurements of the spectral irradiance and spectral radian t exitance over snow surfaces will be performed by a UV spectroradiometer from AWI to calculate the spectral albedo and hence the radiative forcing in this territory. Continuous measurements of the global spectral irradiance by the UV multi-channel radiom eter from NILU will be used to determine the variability of the incoming UV irradiance during the measurement.

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