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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Norwegian Offshore Wind Energy Research Infrastructure - Floating Experimental Wind Turbine (FLEXWT)

Awarded: NOK 1.2 mill.

The infrastructure includes a FLEXWT (Floating Experimental Wind Turbine), a fully instrumented moderate sized floating offshore wind turbine for research purposes. FLEXWT is part of NOWERI (Norwegian offshore wind energy research infrastructure) includin g also an OBLO (Offshore Boundary Layer Observatory), and will be implemented and operated in coordination with each other. The motivation for the realisation of the proposed infrastructure is two-folded: 1) to underpin and enable research on wind ener gy as a resource and new technologies and concepts, and 2) to enable industrial development and innovation through offering new and globally unique facilities for measurement, test, qualification and demonstration. FLEXWT will greatly enhance the basis f or understanding and optimising the energy harvesting from offshore wind turbines, assess forces and design of offshore structures as well the potential impact of these installations on the environment. The infrastructure represents a globally unique plat form for research, development and demonstration of new offshore wind technologies that will substantially strengthen Norway as a supplier of wind energy, technology and expertise. FLEXWT will enable and underpin the development of Norwegian wind industry , which has been clearly expressed in the Letters of Support (LoS) from major Norwegian industry clusters and major industrial companies. The proposed infrastructure will be a very important stepping stone for research and innovation within offshore wind energy and will advance the Norwegian development of offshore wind energy to the scientific forefront. It will underpin and expand on existing research and technology development within this field, and attract attention also of scientists who would other wise work in other branches of the involved sciences.

Funding scheme:

FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt