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SAMRISK-2-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiko

Organizing for Internal Security and Crisis Management: Governance Capacity in a Comparative Perspective

Awarded: NOK 99,679

We will study existing and emerging organizational arrangements within the public sector to handle the 'wicked' transboundary issues' of organizing for internal security, emergency prepardeness and crisis managemnt. A comparative perspective covering sev eral countries and institutions is central to the approach. Emerging vertical and horizontal coordinating practices in different countries will be addressed, covering arrangements for both emergency preparedness and crisis management. The pilot project aims to gather prominent European researchers within public administration, governance and organizational studies with a specific interest and expertise in the area of crisis management, internal security and societal safety. A main goal is to strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the different institutions and individual researchers that are involved, to establish a strong platform for future comparative research, and to develop tangible proposals for relevant research calls. The planned project moves beyond single country studies and single cases by comparing organizational capabilities, crisis management, and public sector reforms within the area of internal security in six European countries (Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Swed en, Norway), and within the EU. The pilot project will first map the organizational structure in central government in the selected countries and study how it has changed over the past decade. The planned main project will have a primary focus on organi zing for internal security and governance capacity. It will move beyond the mapping exercise and study processes of organizing for internal security and crisis management in a joint comparative design. It will further address two other important and partl y overlapping issues regarding internal security: Governance representativity and governance norms.


SAMRISK-2-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiko