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IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike

Unknown Luminous Phenomena in Hessdalen Valley (Norway)

Awarded: NOK 70,000

The subject of this proposal is a cooperation project between Norwegian and French scientists to study the luminous phenomena (LP) in Hessdalen Valley. Research into the LP in Hessdalen are progressing towards a better understanding of this mysterious phe nomenon, but further studies are needed in order to fully characterize the properties of the LP and to find the mechanisms and causes behind this phenomenon. The first records of lights of unknown origin in Hessdalen date back several centuries, and the population in the valley still observes such phenomena at a regular basis. The luminous phenomena vary in size from a few meters to dimensions that are ten times as large. They are sometimes static, and sometimes moving at high speed. They appear unevenly over the hills of the valley, and the duration ranges from a few seconds to about one hour. Optical spectra suggest that the emissions mainly consisted of ultraviolet irradiation. A possible source of the luminous phenomena is the generation of low atmo spheric plasmas. Previously known sources of atmospheric plasmas are related to atmospheric electricity such as lightning, sprites, or ball lightning. However, the cause of the LP in Hessdalen remains unclear, and the properties of the LP need to be furth er characterized. Understanding these phenomena could contribute to a better insight into plasma physics, and it might provide knowledge that could be used to produce and handle high energy sources.

Funding scheme:

IS-AUR-Samarb.progr. Norge Frankrike