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TJENESTER-Helse- og omsorgstjenester

International Conference on Physician Discontent - Causes and Consequences Soria Moria Conference Center, Oslo, June 2- 3, 2014

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2014 - 2014


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International conference on physician discontent - magnitude, root causes and implications A number of international studies document that many physicians are professionally discontent. This seems to be a problem across countries despite different healt h systems, although Norwegian doctors report less discontent than others. Despite comprehensive documentation, its root causes and implications are less studied. The conference will contribute to reduce this knowledge gap. It is planned and organized th rough collaboration between NERI, New England Research Institutes, Massachusetts, USA and LEFO, the Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession, Oslo, Norway. Topics * Magnitude of doctors discontent - similarities and differences between countries and health systems * Root causes * Consequences for doctors? health and quality of care * Implications for the management of health systems * Implications for further research World leading researchers are invited to discuss these topics. Their talks are commissioned and will be published in a special issue of a leading journal in the field, e.g. Social Science and Medicine or Milbank Quarterly. Significance How provision of health care is organized and governed is of significant impact to the qual ity of care. Structural conditions to support good medical work are crucial. Recent research suggests that management of healthcare evolves in a negative direction in many countries. If this is the case, it is important to identify the causes of this tren d in order to change a negative trend. The gathering of international experts will provide an opportunity to review the knowledge status as well as discussing causes, implications, and solutions. The conference will take place in Oslo, June 2-3, 2014 an d the estimated budget is NOK 460000.

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TJENESTER-Helse- og omsorgstjenester