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DEMO2000-Prosj.ret tekn.utv. petro.virk

New technology in downhole mapping will provide enhanced recovery solutions, huge cost reductions and reduced environmental impact

Alternative title: Ny teknologi ved bunnhullskarakterisering vil medføre forbedrede tekniske løsninger, store kostnadsbesparelser og reduserte miljøutslipp

Awarded: NOK 3.1 mill.

Traditional Drill-Stem-Testing (DST) and production tests on drilling platforms requires huge economic costs and can represent large risks to impact on the environment, both to the sea and to the atmosphere. The overall goal for this project is to increas e the total value of well testing. This implies both enhanced characterization of in-situ fluid samples, cost reduction and provide more environmental protective solutions; this especially in harsh Arctic climatic conditions. Such new techniques for down- hole testing will entail reduction in the risks to the environment and economics than with conventional well testing methods. To reach the overall goal it is necessary to utilize new technology for down-hole in-situ analysis for hydrocarbon and trace comp onent data collection and analysis.

Funding scheme:

DEMO2000-Prosj.ret tekn.utv. petro.virk