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Network for molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan: the cradle of the new lineage 7

Awarded: NOK 0.30 mill.

Tuberculosis is a major public health threat in sub Saharan Africa. The incidence of TB in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan is estimated at 247/100 000 population, 114/100000 population and 146/100,000 population, respectively. In a recent genotyping study from Ethiopia, a new lineage of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), described now as lineage 7 was discovered. Molecular epidemiology studies are crucial to understand the diversity of TB strains and their relevance to clinical outcome and transmissibility of TB. It is essential to acquire in-depth understanding of the TB burden and forward evidence based recommendations for possible policy interventions in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan.The project partners share a common goal of improving public health and decreasing health inequities contributing to the UN MDGs in the field of tuberculosis prevention and control. Molecular epidemiology studies, combined with TB diagnostic laboratory and bioinformatics expertise are one key area of interest. In a propos ed 3-day workshop, we will address recent advances in TB epidemiology, diagnostics and relevance of lineage 7. Update on on-going collaborative research projects and country specific situations on TB will be in focus. The workshop will also address natio nal challenges in TB control and prevention related to MDG 6 followed by a discussion on research priorities. Secondly, TB diagnostic laboratory and bioinformatics training will be given to 35 professionals recruited from project countries. Networking and capacity building are keys to enable the generation of new, country specific scientific knowledge. The capacity building components will be building on the experiences from a previous GLOBVAC event and expand to advances in molecular biology, genome sequ encing and analysis of DNA sequences to predict antibiotic resistance. Partners from Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan will be joined by Norwegian and international research expertise working in the field.

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GLOBVAC-Global helse- og vaksin.forskn