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SFI-Sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon

CIUS - Center for innovative ultrasound solutions for health care, maritime, and oil & gas industries

Alternative title: CIUS - Senter for innovative ultralyd løsninger

Awarded: NOK 96.0 mill.

The aim of the SFI Center for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS) is to exploit the synergy between the medical, maritime and oil & gas industry's use and need for ultrasound (UL) to develop next-generation UL technology within these three sectors. A consortium consisting of academic, industry and user partners has been formed under the auspices of SFI CIUS. The academic partners, led by the UL research group at the Department of Circulation and Imaging at NTNU, consist of several research groups from NTNU, UiO, USN and SINTEF. The industrial partners in medical technology are GE Vingmed Ultrasound, GE Women's Health Ultrasound (Austria), Medistim, Aurotech, and ExACT Therapeutics. Industry partners in maritime, oil & gas and electronics are Archer BTC, NDT-Global, InPhase Solutions, Kongsberg Maritime, Sensorlink, Equinor and X-Fab. User partners are Helse Midt-Norge, Sørlandet hospital health enterprise, Levanger hospital/Helse-Nord-Trøndelag, St. Olav's hospital and Verdalen and Levanger municipalities. In addition, the Norwegian Defense Research Institute is an associate member. CIUS focuses on the following research areas: transducer design and electronics; acoustics and beamforming; Doppler and deformation imaging; image processing, analysis and visualization; multimodal imaging and US-guided intervention; handheld ultrasound; clinical feasibility and validation in ischemic heart disease. Within the medical field, CIUS focuses on diseases of the heart and blood vessels from fetal life to old age, fetal development and gynecological disorders and various types of cancer. Researchers in CIUS have developed several new ultrasound imaging methods, for example to produce and quantify blood flow inside the heart chambers in 3D and 4D, stiffness in the heart muscles, heart valve function and blood flow in small vessels. New methods to obtain better image quality in general are also a key field of research. Research is being carried out into new, ultrasound-guided, automated methods in real time for use in training and non-expert use of ultrasound, and in connection with heat surgery. New methods for combining different medical imaging methods such as scope-based methods, CT, MR, PET for use during (UL-guided) surgery is also a field covered by CIUS. The UL-guided, targeted drug treatment for cancer is tested in animal models and studies in people with cancer at, among others, St. Olavs hospital. CIUS also continues to work with hand-held ultrasound systems. Such systems are tested in the municipal health service and by non-experts in hospitals. One goal is to get advanced, correct, and early diagnosis of disease at the lowest possible level in the healthcare system. Within oil & gas and maritime fields, research is being conducted on UL transducers that can withstand varying and extreme physical environments with high temperatures and pressures. Non-destructive testing techniques to reveal weaknesses in, for example, pipes is a central research area. Better SONAR imaging using new imaging techniques and analysis methods is being developed in collaboration with Kongsberg Maritime and the Norwegian Defense Research Institute. As for medicine, there is a significant focus on better images, new types of images, and automated methods for interpreting UL data and images based on machine learning. CIUS partners in oil and gas have adopted new AI-based analysis methods in their practice. Within the maritime field, techniques such as improved image recording and resolution and thus mapping of the seabed with SONAR are important contributions from CIUS to industrial partners. In 2021, UL and image analysis for use in fish farming have become a new research front at CIUS. During 2023, academic researchers in collaboration with the user and industry partners in CIUS have published 66 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals and books, and 59 conference contributions in the form of presentations, posters and conference articles. A PhD with 100% CIUS funding has defended their thesis, as well as 4 in related projects. In total, academic personnel in CIUS have supervised 10 students to a master's degree or Forskerlinje-degree. In innovation, 2 new methods have been adopted by user and industry partners; 36 industry-oriented R&D results have been reported based on the CIUS collaboration; 11 new innovations have been submitted so far in 2023; 1 new commercial license has been signed with an industrial partner, and 1 open source software license has been made publicly available. All master's studies, PhD and postdoc candidates from CIUS go directly to work in relevant industry both in Norway and internationally or continue their academic career in UL research abroad or in Norway. Results from the research are published open (see NTNU Open,, USN Open and for UiO https://www.


Norwegian health care, maritime and oil & gas sectors experience challenges recognized to be solved by joining forces. In medicine improved diagnosis of coronary heart disease, the leading cause of mortality, is strongly needed. In the maritime sector long-term monitoring of subsea structures and organisms for safer and more efficient harvest of ocean resources is required. In oil & gas there is a particular need for better monitoring for well integrity and of pipelines & risers for increased oil recovery and avoiding serious environmental consequences. Ultrasound technology as used in the three sectors has a tremendous unexplored potential for meeting future challenges. The Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS) will join forces and explore synergies across disciplines, leveraging next-generation ultrasound technology for these important applications. Key ultrasound research tasks will be within transducer design, acoustics and image formation, Doppler and deformation imaging, as well as image analysis and visualization. By applying these technologies towards specific identified innovation goals within each sector, significant business opportunities at the international market will be achieved. CIUS will by unique competence and innovations, secure long-term competitive advantage within areas where Norway is internationally recognized for excellent research, innovation and product deliveries. The Centre will be hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), known for their expertise within ultrasound research and innovation in health care through 40 years. Expertise and research facilities are joined in a virtual laboratory organization including selected Norwegian academic institutions and important cornerstone enterprises as well as several small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Norway. CIUS includes a total of 3 research partners, 11 industrial partners and 5 health care user partners.

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SFI-Sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon

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