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SFI-Sentre for forskn.drevet innov

SFI Smart Maritime - Norwegian Centre for improved energy-efficiency and reduced emissions from the maritime sector

Alternative title: SFI Smart Maritime - Norsk Senter for bedre energieffektivtet og reduserte miljøskadelige utslipp fra maritim sektor

Awarded: NOK 96.0 mill.

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2015 - 2023

The SFI Smart Maritime is dedicated to improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions from ships. With particular attention to the Norwegian Maritime Industry, our mission is to provide our partners with technologies, tools and capabilities for effective identification, assessment and verification of performance optimization solutions. The research focus is on technological solutions within hydrodynamics (hull and propellers) and machinery system (energy optimization, exhaust emissions and fuels). The research strategy relies on five interconnected research areas (Work Packages, WP). WP1 serves as screening work package for identifying and assessing potential technologies and designs. WP2 and WP3 respectively develop models and tools for assessment of technologies and designs. These models are further integrated into a ship system simulation platform, enabling the virtual design and optimization of a ship by help of numerical simulation model (WP4). This holistic system-centred ship design method uses a modular simulation and analysis framework for accurate performance assessment for ship and ship systems under realistic full-scale operation-al conditions. Finally, hybrid LCA methods are used in combination with profit and opportunity cost models to verify environmental and economic benefits (WP5). The Centre's industry partners are leading maritime actors: ABB, Bergen Engines, DNV GL, Jotun, Kongsberg Maritime, HAV Design, Norwegian Electric Systems, Siemens-Energy, Vard Design, and Wärtsilä Moss. In addition, 8 of the biggest Norwegian deepsea ship owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Solvang, Grieg Star, Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi, BW Gas, Höegh Autoliners, Odfjell, Torvald Klaveness are partners in Smart Maritime, as well as the Norwegian Shipowner association, the Norwegian Coastal Shipowners Association, and the Norwegian Maritime Authority. The strength of the Centre is our network and the frequent and constructive dialog between our research community and industrial partners. Smart Maritime has positioned as an attractive meeting place and platform for cooperation within energy efficient and environment-friendly shipping. Since its establishment in 2015, the Centre har worked with pushing the state-of-the-art in each research discipline: carried out a review of potential emission reduction from ships, tested out novel technology solutions, developed prediction models for hydrodynamics and power systems simulation, simulation tools for performance evaluation and benchmarking of designs on a full ship system level. There is no doubt about the Norwegian Maritime Cluster's dedication to reduce GHG emissions from ships, and Smart Maritime will not give in until this goal is reached. Highlights from 2021: ? Smart Maritime Simulator Platform has reached a new milestone, with further integration of Hydrodynamics and ship models (WP2) and power systems simulation models (WP3) ? The Centre research and industry partners have launched 6 associated projects: 3 competence projects, 1 innovation projects with support from the Research Council, 1 Green Platform, and 1 projects with support from EU H2020. ? Smart Maritime has been more present in the media and has disseminated regularly and actively from 10 Webinars. I addition, the teams has published 6 scientific articles, 5 conference articles, and 22 academic lectures. ? Smart Maritime has been an active contributor to international policy making (IMO and EU). ? Smart Maritime has established a Seamap for shipping decarbonization, based cross disciplinary work and competence development over the past 5 years. The Seamap aims at being a reference document and guideline for the industry, regulatory bodies and academia.

The purpose of SFI Smart Maritime is to establish a Norwegian Centre for improved energy-efficiency and reduced emissions from the maritime sector. The SFI will contribute to greening maritime transport and strengthen the Norwegian maritime industry's international competitiveness by developing new knowledge, methods and technologies and educating students (PhD/MSc). The research partners SINTEF Ocean (host) and NTNU will collaborate closely the Centre's industry partners, which represent deepsea, shortsea and offshore shipping, ship equipment, ship design, and maritime services. The scope and objectives of SFI Smart Maritime are well aligned with the objectives and priorities of Maritim21, RCN's MAROFF programme, and the target research area "Smart Maritime" of Ocean Space Centre (OSC). After 2022, the SFI activity will be a permanent education and research activity in OSC. The SFI is organized in five work packages: - WP1: Feasibility studies - WP2: Hull and propeller - WP3: Power systems and fuel - WP4: Ship system integration, validation and monitoring - WP5: Environmental and economical due dilligence - Business Cases (Sub-projects) WP 5 and BusinessCases are core activities, comprising full-scale testing and verification of concepts, designs, products and technologies, and benchmarking wrt. environmental and economic performance. The Centre's contributions are: 1. Improved early stage assessment and qualification of new ship designs and operational profiles. Faster and more accurate. 2. New validation methods, e.g. correlation of measured data with simulation results and experimental data. 3. More accurate predictions of fuel consumption and emissions from alternative hull, propulsion and power system configurations and operational profiles. 4. Improved optimization of ship performance vs. cost profile at various operational profiles and sea states. 5. Improved methods and tools for cost and fuel optimization - on unit level and on fleet level

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SFI-Sentre for forskn.drevet innov