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Study of European Energy Law

Awarded: NOK 35,000

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2014 - 2015

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From October 2014 to October 2015, I will undertake a thorough study of European law at one of Germany's leading universities, the University of Freiburg. While the European Union as a whole interests me, there are particular aspects that interest me more than others. Seeing as I intend to live through most of the 21th century, I cannot help but worry about the changes in the climate. In addition, resources that have proved vital to our civilizations, such as oil, gas and phosphorus, to name but a few, are projected to peak in the near future. The future without them looks uncertain. Being very interested in energy politics, where Germany plays a central part in Europe, I am highly motivated to move towards a stronger understanding of European energy l aw. It is this area that I want to write my thesis on. Whilst already possessing some comprehension about the politics of energy after completing my degree in political science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, my knowledge of the ar ea has grown extensively since I moved to Bergen. I follow the market closely, and I read articles on the topic on a very regular basis. I therefore understand the strong difficulties in forming a comprehensive energy policy in the European Union. Nonethe less, some results have been made, and these results are what I want to focus on. It's difficult for me to name a specific research question before it has been reviewed by a professor at the University of Freiburg. Still, I think what warrants a full di scussion, is the interpretation and use of Article 194 TFEU, and particularly letter b, concerning the Unions security of energy supply. While having a particular interest in the energy policy of the union, I would also consider writing about other topic s, should my thesis be rejected. Alternatives I would consider include intellectual property law and consumer law. Both of which will aid me in my likely career as a lawyer

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