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Awarded: NOK 47,000

After I had graduated successfully in Politics, Public Administration and Public Law (Bachelor of Arts), it has been important to me to focus on Public Administration and Policy in my further education. As a student assistant at the Chair for Political Sc ience, Administration and Organization of Prof. Dr. Werner Jann, I gained insights into various research projects. In addition, I supported them by carrying out some searches. Due to this working experience, I finally decided to continue my studies in pub lic administration. Moreover, since I heard of the possibility to study abroad, I am keen on the Erasmus exchange to the University of Bergen. Undoubtedly, the Scandinavian school of public policy and administration is one of the best in the world. For ma ny years, the University of Potsdam- in particular the chair of Prof. Jann- cultivate contacts to various universities and researcher from the Scandinavian region. Thus, a lot of joint projects are developed for example the project Reforming the Welfare S tate: Accountability, Democracy and Management by Prof. Per Lægreid of the University of Bergen. Henceforth, I would like to participate in expertise and scientific reputation at the University of Bergen in the autumn-term 2014. It is very important to me to collect international experience, use my language skills and develop on a scientific level. The comprehensive curriculum in English- for example >Scandinavian Public Administration< und >Social Justice, Equity and Welfare in a Comparative Perspective< -offers best conditions for a seamless connection to my previous studies at the University of Potsdam. Furthermore, it is very fascinating to get an insight into the Scandinavian respectively Norwegian culture. I am not only interested in the Norwegian h istory, its political system in the European context, but also I set myself the goal to explore the diversity and distinctiveness of Bergen. Last but not least, it is also my goal to learn the Norwegian language.

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