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Semester abroad at BI Norwegian Business School Oslo in the master programme, focussing on the study fields of accounting and finance.

Awarded: NOK 47,000

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2015 - 2015

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My decision to go to BI as my exchange university was maily based on the following aspects: a) a very strong personal interest in Norway and its culture due to many inspiring visits in the past and many social contacts to Norwegians, b) the BI itself wh ich is a well-respected and internationally esablished European top university with a strong focus on academic research, and therefore a very good fit for my academic career, and c) the job opportunities that open up by getting a solid knowledge of the No rwegian language, culture and business. Thus, the main goal I am working for is to become prepared for a career in both, Norway and Germany. For further details of my motivation, I refer to my cover letter in which I illustrate my motivation quite intens ly. The scholarship would secure my financial situation during my semester in Oslo and grant me a financial independency which is required to stay focussed on studying the Norwegian language and pursuing my academic career.

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