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DEMO2000-Prosj.ret tekn.utv. petro.virk

Technology for removal of Sulphate and Salts from seawater at the seabed. SWIT sul/sal

Alternative title: Teknologi for å fjerne eller redusere salt og sulfat innhold i sjøvann subsea.

Awarded: NOK 5.5 mill.

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Project Period:

2014 - 2016



The ?Subsea Water Intake and Treatment?, SWIT technology are protected by seven international patents or patent applications and contains significant levels of innovation. Traditional membrane treatment technology for production of low salinity water is known to have short intervention intervals, be very maintenance intensive, costly to operate and thus not suitable for subsea use or operation without easy access for operators. The SWIT technology has solved these traditional problems by applying innovations and exploiting the advantage of having no weight and space restrictions on the seabed. It employs a 3-step process and gradually fully cleans the water. Each of these processes do their specific task in a way that ensures optimum operation conditions for the next step in the process and at the same time requires no intervention or maintenance for several years of operation. SWIT Low Sul/Sal is a new technology and product that can produce low salinity, sulphate free or even fresh water at the seabed directly from the surrounding seawater. The production is cost effective, very energy efficient, without need for adding chemicals and extremely HSE friendly. The technology can be scaled to meet any capacity requirement. The technology has conceptually been proven in a JIP with several major oil companies. It enables a step change in reservoir and asset management that can accelerate production and significantly increase recovery. The purpose of this SWIT Low Sul/Sal project is to demonstrate and verify in a real application that the SWIT technology combined with a purpose designed and built membrane plant robustly and reliable will remove sulphate and salts from seawater and produce low sulphate and/or low salinity concentration water at the seabed for injection into an reservoir for a duration of two years or more.

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DEMO2000-Prosj.ret tekn.utv. petro.virk