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FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren

Modernization as Lived Experiences: Identity Construction of Three Generations of Young Men and Young Women in China and Norway

Awarded: NOK 0.12 mill.

It is widely observed that due to the modernizing and globalizing forces, the contexts in which young people in contemporary societies do their ?identity work? differ fundamentally from previous generations, which may have significant implications for int ercultural contact, community building, democracy, civic engagement and social integration, hence the future of our world. However, due to paucity of research, especially comparative studies, it remains unclear how youth are actually negotiating modern id entities within their local contexts, where local socio-cultural dynamics may be interacting with global forces in locally-specific ways. This project will explore identity construction of young men and women in two contrasting societies, China and Norway , through a three-generational comparison. In so doing, it will examine generational changes and continuities as well as cross-cultural differences and similarities in Young people?s gender conceptions and gender practices in the light of the dynamic inte raction between the local and global cultural forces. It will further explore the implications that the emerging gender identities can have for social relations, citizenship, social inclusion and exclusion, intercultural contact and education. The project adopts a life history approach. Data will be collected by two steps: observation (classroom interaction, learning processes and spare time activities) of boys and girls (18/20-year-olds) in their last year of upper secondary school in the two capital cit ies; life history interviews with some of them to be selected based upon the observations. Their parents and grandparents will be interviewed in a similar manner. Document and artifact analysis will also be used. Located at the intersection of youth, gend er, generation, culture and social transformation, this interdisciplinary comparative project will shed light on the changing dynamics of the social relations in the two countries in the globalization era.

Funding scheme:

FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren