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MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning

Emerging Leaders 2015 og 2016

Awarded: NOK 0.60 mill.

Future activities and operations in the Arctic call for a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges to ensure sustainable development. Emerging Leaders calls for young professionals and Ph.D. students/post docs to meet with representatives from academia, business and the public sector through an inspiring and educational program. Emerging Leaders (EL) took place in January 2016 - for the fifth time as a part of the annual Arctic Frontiers conference in Norway. The program enrolled 23 participants, in general under the age of 35, from Norway and a range of other countries. The group was a blend of Ph.D students, post docs and young professionals from the public and business sectors. The purpose of EL is interdisciplinary dialogue and to provide the candidates with a broad perspective on Arctic issues. The program started in Bodø, the hub for search and rescue in the North and the home for the Norwegian joint military headquarter. After the start in Bodø, the small cruise liner Hurtigruten brought the group to the Lofoten Islands and the city of Svolvær where the sessions continued while learning about the history and nature of the region. The workshop and the presentation preparations was carried out on board Hurtigruten during the travel from Svolvær to Tromsø, where the candidates both attended and presented their work in plenum at the Arctic Frontiers Policy. Through the seven days of EL the comprehensive technical, social and academic program was guided by eight mentors, which attended either legs of or the whole journey. Going through the following sessions the participants learned about the Arctic as well as building a valuable network: Session 1 Politics and security in the High North Session 2 Industry and Environment in the Arctic Session 3 Technology development and transfer within seafood and offshore industries 4 Workshop and preparation for the presentation at the Arctic Frontiers Policy session.

Programmet samler unge deltakere fra akademia, næringsliv og forvaltning som sammen gjennomfører et program med forelesninger, workshop og kulturelle opplevelser over ei uke. Forelesningene gir en generell innføring i økonomisk utvikling, muligheter og u tfordringer, ressurser, historikk og gir en introduksjon til Arctic Frontiers (AFT) årlige tematikk.

Funding scheme:

MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning