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Clinical Trial of Anti-Shock Garments for Obstetric Hemorrhage in Nepal - workshop for preparation of resubmittance February 2015

Awarded: NOK 0.12 mill.

This project is a close collaboration between NTNU, Kathmandu University and University of New Mexico, with NTNU as the project owner. The trial will be done in hospitals and clinics and homes in Nepal. Providers will be initially trained to use a standa rd calibrated blood collection drape that allows accurate measurement of blood loss. All cases of PPH over 500 ml will be followed. Providers working in facilities that do not have access to blood products or surgery will be given a low cost pneumatic ant i-shock garment (PASG), developed by collaborators at University of New Mexico (UNM), manufactured in Nepal, or a neoprene non pneumatic anti-shock garment (NASG). Dhulikhel and neighboring hospitals will be supplied with PASG and NASG. After eight mont hs the devices will be switched. Each site (clinic or hospital) will serve as its own control. Outcomes are transfusion, intensive care, surgery or death. The application (Globvac project # 234530) in 2013 was not funded, but we were strongly recommended to improve the project and reapply (summary of application 2013 and evaluation is attached). To improve the application we need to meet in person to discuss, write and make up the strategy for the project, as well as meet the team at UNM working with the PASG. To do this we propose a workshop for 4 days at UNM, aiming to prepare the new and improved application. The reason for having the workshop there is both economically based (the site with most collaborators) as well as practically (the team working o n the PASG is located there). Participants: Suman Raj Tamrakar, Biraj Man Karmacharya j (Nepal), Nancy L. Kerr, Mark Hauswald, David Wachter and his team (USA), Elisabeth Darj, Erik Solligard (Norway).

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