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VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon

Law and Society in the 21st Century: The functions of law in a global society

Awarded: NOK 89,999

The Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law will in 2015 be the host of a Nordic/international conference in sociology of law.Law increasingly transcends national boundaries, with closer interactions between national, inter- and transnational legal regimes, actors and practices. This applies to human rights, trade and competition law, internet law, environmental law, criminal law, refugee law as well as many other areas of law. On the inter- and transnational level, an increasing number of new lega l actors have emerged side by side of the nation-states such as NGOs, transnational corporations and international organizations. International migrants and refugees, climate and environmental change, the internet, new biotechnologies and ethics, the fin ancial crisis, transnational corporations and ethics, sovereign wealth funds (such as the Norwegian Pension Fund) are merely some of the urgent contemporary societal and political challenges where inter- and transnational law and cross-boundary legal prac tices play a vital role. The conference invites papers on the sociology of international law as well as on the interaction between the Nordic legal model and new international legal regimes and institutions. Promoting the rule of law and human rights in combination with a comprehensive and tax financed welfare state and a market economy has become a major part of Nordic efforts to spread the practices of democracy and social equality globally. Still, empirical and theoretical knowledge about which factor s ensure success, and why they do so, remains scarce. More cross-disciplinary and comparative research and discussion is needed on how to combine a high degree of social and economic equality with liberal and economic rights, and on how to stabilize such a model. In this setting the role of law and the various forms of law should be in focus.

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VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon