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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

SET 8 - Participation in IEAs Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) Task 36

Alternative title: Deltagelse i HIA Task 36

Awarded: NOK 0.23 mill.

Through the participation in IEA's Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) Task 36 on Life Cycle sustainability of hydrogen energy systems, IFE have access to an international network with high competence in LCA of hydrogen energy systems. This forms a basis for improvement of Norwegian energy system models and creates synergies between LCA studies and energy system models. The participation in Task 36 gives also the possibility to work with analysts in IEA, Paris. IFE is responsible for the collaboration with IEA analysts in HIA, and coordinates the review of World Energy Outlook and Energy Technology Perspectives.

The project includes the following: The project will be focused on the following tasks: a) Addressing environmental challenges in LCA of hydrogen energy systems b) Economic analysis of hydrogen energy systems c) Social indicators for the assessment of hydrogen energy systems and integrative approaches for LCSA d) Collaboration with IEA HQ Analytics IFE is interested in participating in Task 36 in order to increase the basis of knowledge both in hydrogen systems and LCA methodologies, and to be able to continue the cooperation with IEA. Activities 1. IFE will be involved in the establishment of the new task, with an activity of including new members to join, and to set up a plan for dialogue with the IEA. 2. IFE will work with research partners in Task 36 project on the integration of LCA methods (LCA, LCSA, LCC, SLCA) and energy optimisation models (TIAM, TIMES-Norway, TIMES-Oslo, etc.). 3. Workshops will be held in relation to the purpose of Task 36: IFE will participate in the workshops, and will present experience from Norwegian modelling and analysis. We apply for funding from 01/11/2014, as a first workshop for planning the task will be arranged in the beginning of November.

Funding scheme:

ENERGIX-Stort program energi