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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Norwegian Center for Neutron Research - NcNeutron

Alternative title: Norsk Senter for Nøytron-basert Forskning - NcNeutron

Awarded: NOK 31.1 mill.

The Norwegian Center for Neutron Research, NcNeutron, will be a neutron science and technology exchange center in Norway. It will be important for use of neutron-based methods in Norway and for future Norwegian use of the European Spallation Source (ESS) under construction in Lund, Sweden. The JEEP II reactor at IFE was permanently shutdown in April 2019, and then in order to complete NcNeutron and to give Norwegian researchers access to neutron-based methods, it was decided to try to obtain an agreement with an European neutron source. At the end of 2019 it was clear that the best choice would to work on an agreement with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland for a Norwegian access to their neutron source SINQ. This effort was also approved by the Research Council of Norway. During 2020 we agreed on an agreement between PSI and IFE that will give Norwegian neutron-users annual access to ca 50 days of beamtime with the instrumentation at SINQ for 6 years. The agreement is expected to be signed early 2021 and with a start in the Spring 2021 and first beamtime at PSI in Autumn 2021.

The Norwegian Center for Neutron Research, NcNeutron, was planned to be a neutron science and technology exchange center associated with the JEEP II research reactor at IFE, but with the permanent shutdown of JEEP II in Spring 2018, the NcNeutron investments and activities will via an agreement with PSI in Switzerland be transferred to NcNeutron@PSI. Its vision is to become an internationally renowned center for neutron-based research applied to materials science and technology. NcNeutron will serve as a knowledge-base for Norwegian researchers using neutrons, and it will include access to the state-of-the-art instrumentation at PSI. The construction of the European Spallation Source (ESS) has started in Lund, Sweden, and the NcNeutron infrastructure will: (i) support Norway's participation in the ESS by education in the use of neutrons and by providing a network node for scientific interaction and collaboration; and (ii) play a key role as a regional neutron scattering and imaging center also when the ESS is in operation. NcNeutron will be strongly complementary to the recently established national research infrastructures RECX and NORTEM, and thus give Norwegian researchers in materials science and nanotechnology a significant advantage. The NcNeutron@PSI includes: - Contribute to upgrade 2 of the instruments at SINQ, PSI: an neutron imaging instrument and a residual stress instrument - Transfer several components that was purchased at IFE before the JEEP II shutdown to PSI - A post doc staying at PSI and funded by IFE The investments at PSI will give access to 35% of one instrument, that can be used on the full instrument suit at SINQ, in practice approximately 50 days of beamtime over a period of 6 years. The national partners are IFE, UiO, UiS, SINTEF and with a strong support from NTNU. Relevant Norwegian industry and main European neutron facilities, ESS, ILL and PSI, express strong support to the research infrastructure.


FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Thematic Areas and Topics

Portefølje HelseBioteknologiGrunnforskningNanoteknologi/avanserte materialerAvanserte materialerMiljøteknologiLTP2 Helse, forebygging og behandlingLTP2 Utvikle fagmiljøer av fremragende kvalitetPortefølje Muliggjørende teknologierNanoteknologi/avanserte materialerPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderPortefølje Industri og tjenestenæringerMiljø og naturmangfoldPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderHelse og omsorgBioteknologiMedisinsk bioteknologiBransjer og næringerBygg, anlegg og eiendomHelseNanoteknologi/avanserte materialerNanoteknologiBransjer og næringerVareproduserende industriLTP2 Styrket konkurransekraft og innovasjonsevneLTP2 Nano-, bioteknologi og teknologikonvergensEnergiMiljøvennlig energi, annetPortefølje Energi, transport og lavutslippHelseBasal biomedisinsk forskningInternasjonaliseringInternasjonalt prosjektsamarbeidPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderMiljø, klima og naturforvaltningForskningsinfrastrukturLTP2 Fornyelse i offentlig sektorLTP2 ForskningsinfrastrukturAnvendt forskningBransjer og næringerHelsenæringenPolitikk- og forvaltningsområderOlje og gass - Politikk og forvaltningLTP2 Et kunnskapsintensivt næringsliv i hele landetPortefølje Naturvitenskap og teknologiLTP2 Klima, miljø og miljøvennlig energiEnergiMiljøvennlig energiMiljøvennlig energi, annetMiljø og naturmangfoldMiljøteknologiBransjer og næringerEnergi - NæringsområdeInternasjonaliseringLTP2 Miljøvennlig energi og lavutslippsløsningerLTP2 Muliggjørende og industrielle teknologierBransjer og næringerMiljøteknologiAnnen miljøteknologi