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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

Workshop: Interfaces in semiconductors - building understanding across the scales

Awarded: NOK 41,870

The joint workshop "Interfaces in semiconductors - building understanding across the scales" is organized by two research groups at the University of Oslo (the Semiconductor physics division and the structural phyics division) and one group from Sintef Materials and Chemistry, and has the main ambition of bringing together key players from different fields of nanoscience and semiconductor interfaces. In addition, the workshop aims at attracting renowned international scientists and collaborators in this field of research. The background for such an ambition is the combined strength that lays in the four national infrastructures NorFab, NORTEM, NICE, and NOTUR. The different groups involved in this workshop have strong ties to one or more of these infrastructures. The unique concept of this workshop lays in the combination of all these resources towards one common field of science; namely semiconductor interfaces on the nano-scale. In particular, semiconductor properties and interfaces, advanced electron spectroscopy and theoretical modeling of interfaces will key topics. To motivate joint efforts and strengthen international visibility and collaboration international experts in the field has been invited to give their perspective and share their insight (see the program below). The workshop has a particular emphasis on promoting young scientists, which is reflected in the choice of internal speakers. The workshop is organized (and initiated) by a group of scientists all below the age of 40, while senior and highly experienced researchers will contribute to knowledge transfer through workshop discussions and participation.

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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale