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Energy balance, subsurface temperatures and internal accumulation at Lomonosovfonna, RiS ID 3395

Awarded: NOK 10,689

Proposed field campaign at Lomonosovfonna (April 2015) continues work started in April 2012. The aim is to derive a dataset on components of the energy balance, englacial temperatures, rates of internal accumulation for April 2015-2016. This includes: - Downloading data from grid of thermistor strings and an AWS installed in April 2014 at 1200 masl; - installation of 3 new thermistor strings and an AWS; - Drilling a shallow core for analysis of visual stratigraphy, density and sampling for isotopic composition; - Surveying shallow holes at 1200 and ~900 m asl (5 in each case) for stratigraphy with a borehole camera. The dataset will be used in a layered englacial model for forcing and empirical constraining of the water flow and storage routine. Derived refreezing rates, temperatures and densities will be used for verification of the model.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum