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Determine the snow cover distribution of a High Arctic area using UAV, digital photogrammetry and numerical simulation (Sub-project 1)

Awarded: NOK 33,175

This project aims at combining different methods to determine the depth distribution and characteristics of the snow cover of a High Arctic area by mean of UAV, digital photogrammetry and numerical modellling. The success of this technology in High Arctic region could lead to simple, affordable and robust methods to cover large areas to determine the snowpack storage for example for hydropower or drinking water. The project will take place from March to September 2015 and includes two field campaigns in the vicinity of Longyearbyen. The first will take place from 2015-03-16 to 2015-04-05 to study the winter fresh snow mantle and the second from 2015-06-14 to 2015-07-04 for bedrock mapping and old snow analysis. The project is divided in three sub-project: Sub-project 1 (carried by Emiliano Cimoli) Validate the use of UAV, on-board camera and Structure From Motion method to determine the digital model of the snow pack. This digital model will be extracted from two Digital Elevation Models of the surface: the first one done during winter (March) and the second done during summer (June). Sub-project 2 (carried by Marco Marcer) Validating the use of the UAV and on-board digital photogrammetric observations for the albedo mapping of the area by comparison with spectrometric measurements. The albedo measurements will be combined with the snow pack digital model and will be used to determine the distribution of melting rates. Sub-project 3 (carried by Baptiste Vandecrux) The topography of the area being extracted from the DEM, it will be used along with meteorological data in a numerical model of the snow drift processes. As mentionned above, the model of snow cover extracted from numerical simulation will be compared with the one generated with the DEMS.

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