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Depositional setting and environment of the Upper Triassic De Geerdalen Formation, Svalbard, RiS ID 10417

Awarded: NOK 31,263

The aim of the project is to gather data from the upper Triassic De Geerdalen Fm. Sedimentological logs will be made and rock samples will be collected. The project will be part of my master thesis. We plan fieldwork between Agardhbukta and Sassendalen summer 2016. The project is a part of a bigger project about the sedimentological development and paleogeography of the upper Triassic that has been going on for several years. The purpose is to connect the studies that have been done in Eastern Spitsbergen, Barentsøya and Wilhelmøya to the studies on Edgeøya, Hopen and Central Spitsbergen.

Funding scheme:

SSF-Svalbard Science Forum