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Relay ramp complexity based on sedimentary record, Billefjorden Fault Zone. RiS ID 6045

Awarded: NOK 11,998

During the summer field season 2016 I would like to investigate the relay ramp complexity within sedimentary rocks forming the Pyramiden mountain side, Billefjorden Trough. Analysis of data collected during the field work (geological logs and structural measurements, high resolution pictures used for photogrammetry) will increase our understanding of the relay ramps evolution and the impact of faulting on the sediments entering the basin, as well as will allowed to build the tectono-sedimentary evolution model of the Billefjorden Trough. A complex structural and facial analysis will be performed in order to link the fault development with sedimentary processes. I have received The Arctic Field Grant in 2015. However, due to maternity leave I could not perform the field work. Therefore I apply again with the Bilefjorden relay ramp project.

Funding scheme:

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