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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

Community Coordinated Snow Study in Svalbard

Awarded: NOK 0.36 mill.

Snow largely controls the exchange of energy and mass between land surface and the atmosphere, thereby having considerable significance on the cryosphere as well as on the biosphere. This proposal aims for conducting a community-coordinated, multidisciplinary pilot field study of snowpack properties across Svalbard. Its scientific goals are to map carbonaceous aerosols in snow along with other physical and chemical snow properties across the Svalbard archipelago to establish the complex interactions between carbon deposition, snow properties and to microbial activity in the snowpack. As a pilot project, Community Coordinated Snow Study in Svalbard (C2S3) aims to demonstrate the benefits of a coordinated community approach to snow-related research in Svalbard, with a longer-term goal of fostering future projects of broader scope.

Funding scheme:

SSF-Svalbard Science Forum