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STIPINST-Stipendiatstillinger i instituttsektoren

Stipendiatstillinger til SINTEF Energi AS (2016-2020)

Awarded: NOK 7.1 mill.

In situ nanocomposites for high voltage insulation In the project, we have developed a new method for producing electrical insulation materials for high voltage applications. The materials are polymer composites where nanoparticles of inorganic materials are formed directly in the polymer before it hardens. In our production method, the nanoparticles in the composite will be evenly distributed throughout the material, which means that the composite has better properties. Such insulation materials are important for many applications and are especially important for the electrification that is currently taking place to reduce CO2 emissions.

Funding scheme:

STIPINST-Stipendiatstillinger i instituttsektoren