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Mode Hydration Tracker

Alternative title: Mode Hydration Tracker

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

The human body consists of about 60-70% water, and is decreasing with age. A healthy fluid balance is therefore perhaps the most important prerequisite for good health. Only small deviations from a healthy fluid balance leads to unpleasant symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, poor mood and greatly reduced physical and cognitive performance. In the more severe and chronic cases, dehydration can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, weakened immune system, and ultimately death. The elderly is a group particularly vulnerable to dehydration, i.e. due to: (1) reduced general condition, (2) decreased sensation of thirst, (3) renal impairment, or (4) dementia. Research indicates that inadequate fluid intake over time can lead to increased risk of stroke, low blood pressure, heart attack or exhaustion. This can be avoided with good routines on fluid intake. Only in Norway, according to SSB over 800,000 people aged over 67 who are at risk of acute or chronic dehydration. Mode Sensors AS is therefore working on the development of a bracelet that measures fluid balance continuously without being in contact with the blood. This is done by studying and measuring the tissues? electrical and light-absorbing properties. In this way we can get information about when the user is about to become dehydrated. In time, this technology can also be introduced to sports and consumer-wearables markets. The grant from Forny StudENT is critical to maintain the progress of the project by ensuring: (1) salaries of key personnel after studies, (2) the necessary funds for product development, and (3) funds to follow up our pilot customers.

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