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up!norway - matcher deg med din drømmereise

Alternative title: up!norway: a digital platform selling bespoke travel experiences to international travellers.

Awarded: NOK 0.95 mill.

Internationally the brand name "Norway" typical brings associations to "fjords" and "Northern lights" in tourism context, but by and large the knowledge about Norway as a tourist destination is poor. Two major challenges within the Norwegian Hospitality Industry are lack of unique market concepts and ineffective communication with the international market. Simultaneously, adventure tourism is growing. An increasing number of travellers are seeking unique experiences combined with a high level of comfort and personalized services. up!norway will take advantage of these opportunities. The company aim to increase the interest for Norway among international travellers and convert this interest to actual purchases of individual travel experiences. up!norway will design and sell Norwegian culture- and nature experiences of high quality. The company's digital platform will save travellers from the hassle of searching through an overload of information, and prevent frustration on a holiday in a country where the language, geography and culture is foreign. Inspired by online dating technology where a person is matched with a partner, up!norway will match a person with a travel experience. The digital platform will identify the traveller's interests and preferences, and use algorithms to match the traveller with a personalized itinerary. The booked itinerary will function as a digital travel guide while traveling. Value is created by offering the travellers a unique experience, while quality providers of accommodation, food & beverage, activities and transportation gets more business.

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