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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2

Innovating maritime training simulators using Virtual and Augmented Reality (InnoTraining)

Alternative title: Nyskaping av maritime treningssimulatorer gjennom utvidet bruk av Virtuell og Utvidet virkelighet

Awarded: NOK 6.5 mill.

Project Manager:

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Project Period:

2017 - 2021


The InnoTraining project aims to further develop maritime simulators and training by using and developing the Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies. The project develops two Future Training Simulator prototypes; Virtual bridge simulator and Advanced firefighting, search and rescue simulator. During this reporting period, work has mainly been done on implementing optimal operator interaction with instruments, ie levers and handles in the VR prototype, as well as with the development of specific training scenarios for the prototypes. Experimental studies validating the VR FTS prototypes have been continued and work on upgrades of the prototypes has been initiated. The first results from these studies have been disseminated at various international conferences to share and discuss the work results with the wider international research community. In addition, the project and VR-based educational solutions have been presented in university lectures and industry meetings. Useful value related to eye-tracking has been extracted for implementation in real simulator deliveries.

Lack of necessary competence and skills may result in inadequate, unsafe actions, which potentiate vulnerabilities of the systems and sequentially bring about human, environmental, financial, legal, and reputational losses. Efficient training is therefore critically required for dealing with both of the routine and non-routine situations. Simulator training has seen its growth and effectiveness since last two decades. Other domains e.g., process, nuclear, medicine and aviation have embraced and integrated the recent technological development into training simulators, maritime sector is still lagging behind. We are proposing to move a step further in the world of maritime training simulators by integrating recent technological development from Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. InnoTraining aims at providing flexible, technologically enhanced, intuitive, effective training and performance assessment solutions. An implicit objective of the project is to harness the potential of virtual and artificial experiences. In concrete terminology, this will allow us to create a virtual environment in which maritime operators can train and develop their technical and collaborative skills required to ensure safe and efficient operations. Following research challenges need to be solved to reach proposed Future Training Simulator (FTS). How to interface and integrate existing maritime training simulator with VR headset? How to deploy AR into virtual environment for enhanced learning? How to combine and interface virtual and augmented Reality to develop first prototype of FTS? How to develop method for evaluating performance in FTS? What are the most suitable means of interaction with digital and real components in FTS? What is the effectiveness of FTS i.e. learning learning outcome of FTS as compared to traditional simulators. How to reach a final product from all findings in aforementioned challenges.


MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2