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Preparing the NTNU REMUS 100 AUV for Ice Management operations (RiS 10419)

Awarded: NOK 79,999

This project aims at preparing the NTNU REMUS autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for Arctic Ice Management (IM) operations, and to gather experience and data that can be used for developing mapping algorithms for IM applications. A homing system will be used to allow deployment and recovery of the AUV through a hole in the ice. During the project, sea-ice topography will be mapped using a multibeam echosounder, and the performance of the acoustic navigation system will be assessed. The project is coordinated with the FAABulous-project (RiS 10383) and the ICEborn project, and dedicated surveys will be planned to complement the FABBulous and ICEborn data-sets.

Funding scheme:

SSF-Svalbard Science Forum