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E!11093 LiceSonic

Alternative title: LiceSonic

Awarded: NOK 0.12 mill.

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Project Period:

2017 - 2019

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How to use ultrasound technology to prevent lice / parasite infestation on farmed fish. Ultrasound as a method is preventive, environmentally friendly, chemical-free and requires little maintenance. Ultrasound transmitters and surveillance systems will be implemented in a full-scale aquaculture plant over a longer period of time to investigate the effects of ultrasound in the fight against salmon lice.

Sea Lice in open sea aquaculture is the most significant and widespread pathogenic marine parasite, causing health issues to cultured fish and a severe risk for the marine environment. The LiceSonic offers an environmentally friendly, chemical free and low maintenance solution for sea lice control based on ultrasound technology. Our idea is to develop a system that only targets sea lice when they are present in the facility, by combining the technology with fish- and water quality monitoring.

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