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Digital plattform som kobler psykologer og brukere for forebygging og behandling av lettere psykiske problemer.

Alternative title: A digital platform that connects psychologists and users for prevention and treatment of lighter mental problems.

Awarded: NOK 79,400

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2017 - 2019

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Our mental health is crucial to our quality of life, and is reflected in how we experience ourselves, other people, everyday life, our work or study situation and the society around us. It is estimated that 30% of the population experience mental health problems each year, and in addition, up to 15% of the population experiences severe stress every day. Only 5-20 % of those struggling with this actually seek help. In today's performance society, sickness reports increase in line with increased pressure related to expectations among young people, and 50-60% of sickness absence in general has stress and burnout as the main reason. This costs our community over NOK 10 million annually, and there is currently no offer to solve this problem. Today's offer for psychological help is ineffective and unavailable for people with "easier" psychological problems, and the average waiting time for psychological help is more than 55 days after referral from a GP. The fact that only 5-20 % is seeking help is mainly due to insufficient information about opportunities, availability and costs, as well as the attitudes of society and taboo related to mental difficulties, as well as fear of stigmatization and failure to feel "sick enough" to actually seek help. Therefore, we are starting MYPSY AS. MYPSY is a digital platform that connects psychologists and users for prevention and treatment of lighter mental problems. The service offers psychology lessons online, by phone or video chat, and makes treatment more accessible for more people. MYPSY should be the first option you think about when you need help with 'easier' psychological problems. Although we wish to develop this platform, we firmly believe that technology can?t replace the human aspect in the prevention and treatment of mental problems and difficulties, but it can be an additional tool to expand and improve the marginal offer that exists today.

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