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Leopard - Wearable particle detector enabling safer working environments

Alternative title: Leopard - Bærbar partikkel måler for sikring av arbeidsmiljø

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2017 - 2019

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Particles or dust like asbesto, aluminium and cement represent a significant threat for our working health if the dust is being inhaled. The dust can cause breathing problems, astma, COLS or cancer and a possible earlier death as the ultimate consequence. NILU or Norwegian Institute of Air Research (Norsk Institutt for Luft Forskning AS) has researched on particles and dust for years. They have now developed a wearable technology platform for monitoring in real-time, selected dust types and its concentrations in closed areas, like factory rooms or work-shop halls. This new technology will be verified by the Norwegian Research Council's FORNY2020 programme. Kjeller Innovasjon AS (KI) is the business and market development partner. KI will work methodically in developing a targetted business modell, international market understanding and a corresponding sales and distribution plan from day one of the project. Leopard will be either rigged as a new start-up company or as a licensing case. Leopard has already attracted high attention from internattionally first class companies like, where HES is typically positioned as one of their leading stars. Leopard is considered as in the forefront of an new proprietary technology.

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