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Research Excellence of Transforming Systems Engineering Design for Accelerated Industrial Innovation: HSN-Stanford-Tsinghua/Norway-USA-China

Awarded: NOK 49,999

University College of Southeast Norway (HSN) has the vision and strategy to be highly competitive internationally within systems engineering (SE) for enterprises education and research. The initial joint-efforts between NCE SE and HSN has established the foundation of SE research-based education for Norwegian industries and grown as the flagship of its distinctive education and research arm in Norway. On this basis, we aim to collect world-class research in response to a massive ability shift for Norwegian industries to innovate and tackle the global market needs to date. The earlier (2015-16) RCN project has clarified the positive innovation impact of the systematic approach of developing multidisciplinary research foundation of SE and human-centered design (HCD) through partnership developments with Center for Design Research (CDR) at Stanford University where HCD originated. The support from this project will enable us to continue a collaboration tie with CDR for their 30-year industry-oriented research and associated 50-year education know-how, and to scale a new research tie with the leading engineering research in the emerging economic powerhouse-China, Tsinghua University (Department of industrial Engineering), where the common research interest are aligned and premiere education and research in emerging markets are conducted. This project focuses on developing the top quality research collaborations. We have the distinctive research agenda during this project: a. to customize systematic approach of engineering design research for improved Norwegian industries innovation competence; b. to develop transformational research-based education model of engineering design for the next-gen innovators. During the project, we aim to simulate the research collaboration program establishment (i.g. joint RCN&/H2020 funding). The project will also be promoted in international academic communities to attract more highly-qualified collaborative partners in this regard.

Funding scheme: