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The XXX Nordic Hydrological Conference 2018

Awarded: NOK 0.13 mill.

The XXX Nordic Hydrological Conference (NHC) was held in Bergen with 145 participants. The conference was organized by the Norwegian Hydrological Council in cooperation with the Nordic Hydrological Association (NHF). A total of 114 contributions were submitted from 24 countries, of which 30 were given by master- or PhD students. In addition, the five invited speakers gave presentations at the conference. Most of the contributions came from Nordic and Baltic countries which constitute the NHF's area of activity. The main theme of the conference was "Hydrology and water resources management in a changing world". This theme reflects important challenges for both researches and practitioners in the public and private sectors. Important topics at the conference were water in urban areas, groundwater, floods, climate services, hydrological processes and models, hydropower, water consumption, environmental impact and water quality. As part of the conference, we had a tour of 'Bryggen', where we got insight into how blue-green solutions were used to save this world heritage. Rory Dunlop from NIKU, Guri Venvik from NGU and Floris Boogaard from Tauw have worked several years for preserving 'Bryggen', were responsible for the tour


The organization Nordic Hydrological Conference (NHC) circulates among the members of the Nordic Association for Hydrology (NHF), and each member state has the responsibility to arrange the conference every 16 years. Last time Norway hosted NHC was in 2002 at Røros. 13-15 August 2018 the XXX Nordic Hydrological Conference will be held Bergen, Norway. The Norwegian Hydrological Council (Norsk hydrologiråd, NHR) is responsible for organizing the conference. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) submits this application on behalf of the organising committee since NVE is a member of NHC and is a research perfoming institute according to the Research council of Norway. The Nordic Hydrological Conferences focus on the applied science and scientifically based decision-making. Hydrological knowledge is needed to enable decision making and planning related to daily, weekly, seasonal, annual, decadal perspectives for water for consumption, for the design and operation on infrastructure and for protecting the public against water related hazards. The main topic for the conference in 2018 is "Hydrology and water resources management in a changing world." The following sub-topic are identified for this conference: (i) Advanced methods and technology in hydrological modelling. (ii) Land atmosphere interactions in high latitude and cold regions. (iii) Urban groundwater (iv) Water in cities/Urban hydrology (v) Small catchment hydrology and flash floods (vi) Water consumption and environmental impacts. (vii) The role of hydropower in climate change mitigation and adaptation. (viii) Climate services - bridge the gap from science to management. The target groups for the conference are scientists, decision makers, and experts in the private and public sectors working with hydrology and water related problems. The conference is expected to attract participants from universities, research institutes, consultancy and private companies and the public sector.

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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek