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NCSR 2018: The 24th Nordic Conference in the Sociology of Religion

Awarded: NOK 0.13 mill.

Nordic Conferences in the sociology of religion have been arranged bi-annually since 1970. All five Nordic countries have arranged the conference, including Norway (Oslo 2000 and Kristiansand 2010). It is Norway's turn in 2018. At the conference in Helsinki in 2016, University of Oslo, in collaboration with KIFO Institute for Religion, Church and Worldview Research and Norwegian School of Theology, invited to the upcoming conference in Oslo 2018. NCSR is the main conference for Nordic sociologists of religion. Most participants come from the Nordic countries, but a growing number of international scholars attend once English became the conference language in 2000. The Conference has an increasing international status, as the keynote speeches are published in the international referee journal Nordic Journal of Religion and Society (level 2 in the Norwegian system). Conference participants are encouraged to submit their papers to NJRS, which are published there, if accepted after ordinary reviews. The topic for the conference is "Religion, Politics, and Boundaries." As most countries are becoming increasingly religiously diverse, religion is often at the center of political contestations. In this conference, the plenary speakers, and hopefully the paper presenters, will provide new insight into the different ways in which religion is a topic in public policies, political debates, and an issue political actors use to draw boundaries. Four keynotes: Craig Calhoun (Berggruen Institute USA), Mark Juergensmeyer (University of California Santa Barbara), Line Nyhagen(University of Loughborough), Inger Furseth (UiO). Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Oslo is a very good site for this conference. There is a growing interest for religion among social scientists. Religion is a topic at the C-REX Center for Research on Extremism, is included in several courses for BA and MA students in sociology, and is of interest for faculty and students at SV,IKOS and TF.

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FRIHUMSAM-Fri hum og sam