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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

Fast and Active-targeted Encapsulated Metal Drugs Against Cancer

Awarded: NOK 0.20 mill.

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2017 - 2018



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iNANOD AS is a biotech company focusing on developing a new generation of metal encapsulated nano-sized anticancer drugs. Upon desired successful combination of the technology, it will allow faster and targeted delivery of anticancer drugs to tumours, improving drug efficacy and reducing side effects through decreased damage to non-cancerous cells, also an even distribution of the drug over solid tumour is expected. iNANOD AS is a start-up company with limited resources, however through collaborating with research institutions and other service providing SMEs, the proposed activities are well within the company?s capabilities. Pre-projects are in two parts, each will run for three months. The goal of these pre-projects is to bring Copper-based drug candidate through to clinical development using tailored liposomal nanoparticles as delivery device. In the pre-project, Casiopeinas copper complexes will be subjected to (plain) liposome formulation and the resulting nanoparticles will be characterized physically and chemically.

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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale