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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø

6th International Conference on Emerging Contaminants (EmCon2018)

Awarded: NOK 0.15 mill.

EmCon is an international symposium with a focus on research-based solutions to solve challenges related to the protection of the environment, and in particular increasing the knowledge about fate and occurrence of emerging contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. EmCon2018 aims to bring research, management and industry together to address this and other contemporarily relevant topics, and provide a platform for discussions on sampling techniques, chemical analyses and environmental occurrence of emerging contaminants. This applies in particular to how the future research and regulations of emerging contaminants can be developed to address current challenges and specifically to foster stronger links between the research community, environmental regulators and industry through targeted discussions of the current state of art within the field. The research that will be presented during this symposium is in particular relevant to the development and gathering of knowledge on emerging contaminants to be able to address environmental issues and develop new technological solutions for reduced environmental impact from e.g. waste water and microplastics. Since EmCon 2018 will be held in Norway, the marine Arctic and the High North are very relevant focus areas and we will use this opportunity to present leading Norwegian research here. The size of the conference (100-150 participants) is well suited for unformal discussions and networking across age and nationality differences as well as for good plenum discussions involving all participants.

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MARINFORSK-Marine ressurser og miljø