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Novel therapy for ischemic reperfusion injury

Alternative title: Terapi for reperfusjonsskade

Awarded: NOK 0.40 mill.

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2018 - 2018

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Patients suffering from heart attack (infarction) are treated by removing the arterial blockage that caused the infarction, in order to re-establish blood supply to the heart. This reperfusion procedure improves patient survival rate, but is associated with a secondary injury, reperfusion injury, which limits its benefit. A drug that could reduce reperfusion injury would be expected to reduce the overall injury associated with heart attack, and further improve patient survival. Scientists at University of Oslo have developed a drug candidate for reperfusion injury which works by a new mechanism that is anticipated to be more effective and associated with fewer side effects than previously failed drug candidates. Experiments in animal models of the disease have demonstrated highly promising results. We aim to establish a new company as a vehicle for further development of the drug candidate. The current exploratory FORNY project aims to establish a collaboration agreement with an international pharma company, and prepare a detailed development and financing plan for the drug candidate until successful demonstration of clinical effect in phase 2 studies in patients. The exploratory project also aims to identify a suitable CEO for the new company. Achievement of the main aims of this project should allow us to raise the private and public funding necessary to support establishment of a robust company to further develop the drug candidate.

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