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FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren

Developing new tools for mentoring in teacher education: preference screening, learner assessment and structured video-use

Alternative title: Verktøy for veiledning

Awarded: NOK 5.9 mill.

Developing Tools for Mentoring The project develops research-based tools for use in mentoring of preservice teacher in practicum and on campus, and investigate how the tools can contribute to new teachers' professional development. Based on research and theory on teachers 'leadership styles, skills new teachers need to master, as well as the use of video for teachers' professional development, three sets of tools are developed: 1. Tools related to a decision simulator where students are faced with challenging cases and make decisions that are related to different management styles that can characterize teachers in the classroom. 2. Tools that provide insight into pupils' experiences with students' in practicum, compiled with the students' self report. 3. Tools for structured use of video for professional development together with pupils, fellow students and mentors. Use of the tools by mentees and mentors are followed up with interviews, observations and surveys. To date, tools have been developed and tested for all three sets of tools described above. The tools have been tested by teacher students and mentors on campus and in practicum in various settings, and data has been gathered for these interventions. In light of the feedback we have received, the tools are further developed and adjusted. Among other things, we have received feedback on how guides and integration in Canvas can make the tools more user-friendly. In addition, we are now working on writing articles based on collected data.

The proposed project aims to improve preservice teachers' practicum training. This endeavour will be realised by developing a structure for mentoring that is based on new products (screening, assessing and mentoring tools that can be used for preservice teachers). Mentoring in practicum is centre for developing a coherent understanding of an individual preservice teacher?s teaching. Research-based knowledge about core tensions related to the teaching profession and the challenges preservice teachers face will be used as the framework for the development of all the proposed study?s tools that will be used to enhance preservice teachers? progression through practicum. Mentors will elaborate on and contribute to preservice teachers? extended understanding of the results from the tools. Mentors and preservice teachers will together develop individual learning goals for each preservice teacher. The preservice teachers will plan a lesson where they can try out an action or initiative to explore and develop their practice, being video recorded. The films will be analysed, processed and presented by the preservice teacher, guided by a developed tool. The data from these videos will then be used to ground structured mentoring discussions. The advantage of developing research-based tools to realise the full potential of feedback and mentoring for preservice teachers is that the teachers will receive an array of perceptions used by their mentors, hence providing the teachers with a more comprehensive picture of their teaching used to focus further endeavours related to professional development. The results and outcomes of the project will be investigated with a survey given to preservice teachers before and after treatment, and compared to a control group. We will also interview preservice teachers and mentors about the relevance and outcomes of the developed tools and observe how the tools are used.


FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren