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Playwell - Sosial gaming

Alternative title: Playwell - Social gaming

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

Children and adolescents spend way more time at home, in front of screens than before. Parents becomes increasingly worried about their kids becoming socially isolated. This results in weekly inquires to municipality offices, by parents that struggle finding suitable activities to their kids interests in the local area. The "classic" youth activities provided, like dancing, acting and baking, has decreasing participation. Furthermore it's known that 96% of boys, and 76% of girls, in the age between 9-16 years are playing video games everyday as for 2016. Playwell will, in order to solve this challenge, deliver tailored social gamingactivities, by offering instructors, equipment and entertainment. This is transported to the customers locals in the area of the youths. In these locals, we will establish an arena, focusing on mastery and building strong relations between the youths. Meanwhile it will be a meeting point between youths with need for assistance and the municipalities own ressources like social workers. It's decisive to create an offer that proves a professional founded effect on social interaction. Because of this, we will closely cooperate with the research at Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL). HVL examines how technology will influence important social matters like integration, diversity and the forming of relationships between youths.

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