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Plattform for kontinuerlig helseovervåking av sykehuspasienter

Alternative title: Platform for Continuous Monitoring of Hospital Patients

Awarded: NOK 1.00 mill.

Periodic measurements of vital signs are very important in order to properly diagnose patients at the hospital, as well as to detect critical health conditions like heart attack or blood poisoning. Todays solutions are expensive, unpractical, and are only made available to the most critically ill patients. For the rest of the patients, these measurements are taken manually by nurses. Doctors desire as many data points as possible, but nurses typically have so many patients to take care of that they only have time to take a few measurements per day. Moon Labs has in collaboration with St. Olavs Hospital developed a tiny, single-use patch that enables continuous measurement of heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation through light spectroscopy, as well as body movement and temperature.

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