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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

TIME, WORK, AND FUNCTION: time resolved synchrotron and neutron techniques for studies of soft, biological and hard matter " ( TWF2018)

Awarded: NOK 70,980

In this workshop, we would like to direct the focus of established as well as young researchers on the next generation neutron/X-ray sources where not only the structure, but also the progress of physico-chemical and biological processes can be followed in situ. These techniques are expected to expand significantly the capabilities and scientific possibilities in many fields. To raise the awareness of the key potential stakeholders and better understand their needs, this workshop will bring together academic scientists, students, industrial researchers, and representatives of large-scale X-Ray/neutron facilities. During the course of four sessions, a range of application areas will be discussed in the form of plenary and invited lectures from the leading specialists followed by oral presentations from selected participants. A poster session will be organized on the second day of the workshop to allow for more informal discussions and broader representation of diverse disciplines. A poster prize will recognize the best posters presented by junior researchers. Furthermore, the workshop will provide a convenient forum for the interactions between the user community and the technical specialists from the suppliers of commercial scientific instruments in the field. We expect to have about 80 participants but we would very much like to expand it to 100. The selection of participants for the workshop will prioritize researchers from the Nordic region and the facilities heavily used by Norwegian researchers (ESS, MAX IV, ESRF). Our international guests will have a chance to learn about the innovative research at UiO and other Norwegian institutions that will take part in the workshop.

Funding scheme:

NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale