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HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester

Migration: Health in everything we do #MigrationHealth2018 National Conference, Bergen 15-16 November 2018

Awarded: NOK 0.20 mill.

Research on migration and inequality in healthcare is by nature complex, interdisciplinary and in need of new ideas at the interface of theory and practice. The “Migration: Health in everything we do” (#MigrantHealth2018) conference addresses these needs by bringing the latest migration and healthcare research into dialogue with up-to-date insights and information from healthcare practice and the voluntary sector. Norway’s population is increasingly diverse in terms of culture and ethnic background. A broad body of literature describes the challenges that this situation poses to health and care services on the providers’ side, and the inferior quality of care and satisfaction levels achieved on the users’ side. However, good solutions and ideas frequently spring from users, non-governmental organisations and public health professionals, but these initiatives too often remain local, not known by policymakers, non-evidence based and never up-scaled. #MigrantHealth2018 is planed as a national conference, emphasising the importance of broad-based scientific perspectives and dialogue between the research community and society. The conference will bring Norwegian researchers from different fields in contact with healthcare personnel and interpreters, volunteers and users (patients’ organizations, immigrant groups and key persons interested in migration and health related issues) to engage in a mutually beneficial dialogue for the production of new knowledge and improved practice in healthcare services. To attain this purpose we will organise a two-day event to give the different stakeholders the unique possibility to interact in an effective way. As health professionals, interpreter services and NGOs have actively been included in the development of the conference, our conference will also promote capacity-building and competence development within the programme’s thematic priority areas.

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HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester